BlakLash Collective has worked in partnership with Brisbane City Council to produce Maiwar, the annual city-wide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary art program. Maiwar is a contemporary art program of art and culture celebrated through a series of outdoor exhibitions, panel discussions and guided tours. 


More info : Maiwar 2016


Featured artworks: 

Gordon Hookey, Wallaroo 2015, William Jolly Bridge

Judy Watson, water dragon 2011, Museum of Brisbane

Ryan Presley, Themesong (Girt by seas) 2016, Giffin Lane

Hannah Bronte, STILL I RISE 2016, King George Square 




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks are featured in Eagle Lane, Fish Lane, Hutton Lane, King George Square car park, Giffin Lane, Irish Lane (Charlotte Street), Edward Street (Between Elizabeth and Charlotte Street), William Jolly Bridge and Museum of Brisbane.


More info : Maiwar 2017


Featured artworks: 

Laurie Nilsen - The 10 Gullburri's 2008, Irish Lane

Jo-Anne Driessens - Sorry Day Series 2010, Eagle Lane

Bianca Beetson - Bonyi Dreaming 2009-2012, Irish Lane

Carol McGregor - Boundary Street Series 2013, Fish Lane.




Blaklash Collective assisted Origin to commission and install an original artwork by Megan Cope for their co-working space at their Milton office. 


Toponomy and place names are an important aspect of culture and identity as they provide a location where history, events, landscapes and people are remembered, celebrated and most importantly, continued.

Featured artworks: 

Megan Cope - Kurilpa catchment 2017, Milton Qld




Maiwar is a contemporary art program of First Nations' art and culture celebrated through a series of outdoor exhibitions, panel discussions and guided tours. Located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, Maiwar offers rich and diverse responses to the artist’s connection to Maiwar and the surrounding areas. Project partnership with BCC.


More info : Maiwar 2018


Featured artworks: 

Jordana Angus - Fractures Emerge 2016, Eagle Lane

Leah King-Smith- Mill Binna 2016, Hutton Lane

Mandy Quadrio- Continuing connections 2018, Edward St 

David Jones, Black boyz, black boyz, what ya gunna do when they come for you... 2014, Fish Lane




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